About Info Support

Info Support is a specialist in developing, managing and hosting custom software and BI and integration solutions. Our instructors also train IT professionals in using the latest software development techniques and methods. Our more than 400 employees help our clients in industries like financial services, government, healthcare, insurance and various industrial sectors become front-runners in their markets.

Sound and Innovative

Since our founding in 1986 we have grown under our own steam from a sole proprietorship into a company with over 400 employees. We can safely be called a sound organization. But we are also an organization that is constantly seeking new opportunities for innovation. In order to ensure that our clients also benefit from new developments, we have selected a number of innovation themes that receive our special attention.


On our innovations website you can read more about Info Support’s development over the first 30 years of its history.

The sections below contain more information about the innovation themes currently being explored at our clients and in projects being carried out by Info Support.