Mission and values

Moving forward with Info Support

Mission and values

Moving forward with Info Support

Since the start in 1986, we have grown from a sole proprietorship into a family business with over 400 employees, all through our own efforts. And our mission is still to help organizations achieve their business goals with solid and innovative software solutions. We have one priority here: delivering added value for our clients. What distinguishes Info Support are the core values of solidity, integrity, professionalism and passion.

Core values

  • Solidity

    • For Info Support, solid means long lasting, robust and reliable. That means that long-term relationships and structural, high-quality solutions are very important to us. We are not looking for a quick fix, but a solution for the long term.
    • Info Support has been in the black since its founding in 1986. And we do that as a non-listed company. We are convinced that this independence guarantees you continuity, so that in us, you find a supplier with a firm foundation on which you can build.
  • Integrity

    • We want to be open and honest with you. We do that because we believe this leads to the best collaboration and best results. That means that we will sometimes be frank, but we will always give you honest advice about would be the best solution in your situation.
    • We always stick to our agreements. So no unpleasant surprises, just the knowledge that we are there for you.
  • Craftmanship

    • The quality of your IT projects relies entirely on the people carrying them out. That is why Info Support constantly invests in knowledge: technical knowledge, but certainly practical knowledge as well. Which makes sense, because technology is never a goal in and of itself. That is why we always look further and immerse ourselves in your market and specific situation to deliver innovative and market-oriented solutions.
    • We believe investing in new technologies is crucial. On the one hand, because the market developments require us to do so, of course. But also because new technologies create possibilities for thinking of ever-more efficient solutions.
  • Passion

    • Our work is also our passion, because only highly motivated employees are capable of realizing the best solutions for you.
    • The fact that our employees practice their profession with a great deal of passion is evident from their unfailing enthusiasm to constantly expand their knowledge and keep up with the technology.

Core values illustrated

During one of our traditional New Year’s parties, our professionals and their partners came up with a creative representation of our core values. The result: four large canvasses. These are now on display in the lobby of our head office.

Our work doesn’t stop at achieving business goals with solid and innovative software solutions. Info Support always wants to “move forward” – with colleagues, partners and clients. To fulfill that promise, we have defined a number of (brand) values. They show what we stand for and where we want to go. In everything we do, we are challenged to think and act based on these values.

Brand values

  • Ambitious

    We are characterized by our entrepreneurial ability, our drive to innovate and our results-oriented mindset. We are beyond enthusiastic and we don’t stop until the job is done. Determined to strive for top quality.

  • Strong-minded

    We are confident in our abilities and not afraid to speak up. By sinking our teeth into a project, we remain critical of the question behind the question. Why are we doing this? How can we do it better? Where others see obstacles, we see opportunities.

  • Smart

    We are T-shaped professionals with a broad foundation of knowledge on which we build our specialist expertise. We skillfully deliver usable, practical and efficient solutions.

  • Social

    We work together towards a common goal. We seek connection with others, take responsibility and empathize. Sharing knowledge is very important to us, and we are always willing to help. Only by working together can we deliver the best results.

  • Thorough

    We are resourceful in developing solutions and we dare to take a critical look at ourselves, our colleagues and our clients. We always think a step ahead and – as inquisitive as we are – we never just assume.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about how Info Support can help your organization move forward? Contact us and we will be happy to discuss the options.