Agriculture, Food & Retail

The sector faces major challenges in the field of nutrition, health and durability. Also, customer behavior and customer needs change in regard to food. For example, we want to know where our food comes from and like doing our grocery shopping quickly, online. On top of that, several technological innovations such as Big data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Blockchain are rapidly following each other and determining the future of the sector. New business concepts are needed to remain competitive. Info Support puts in IT to innovate and enable new activity.

Challenges and opportunities

Big data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain: technologies that help Agriculture, Food and Retail go forward. Businesses see challenges as well as chances: more cooperation in the supply chain, transparency for the consumer, multiple smart applications and cost reduction. But how do you set up your IT processes for this and how can you apply new IT technology optimally? Info Support is a specialist in developing, managing and hosting custom software. With smart IT solutions, we help businesses innovate and respond to demands from the market.

I don’t know any other business that goes to such an extent to see exactly where they can add value to my business.

Jaap Mintjes, Project Manager New Business & agility enabler at Fudura B.V.

FoodValley region

Info Support is situated right in the middle of FoodValley, the knowledge cluster for Agriculture, Food and Retail. It’s here that businesses, governments, schools and universities work together on knowledge and innovations in the field of healthy and durable nutrition. Info Support has a professional knowledge center of its own, where thousands of classes are given yearly for IT professionals.

FoodValley kaartje

Software for recipe optimization

Adifo is a daughter company of Info Support. This Belgian business is specialized in software for the recipe for food and feed production. With Adifo we have a strong position in the feed and food sector.

Read more on Adifo’s website.

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Planning software for food retail

R&R Workforce Management, also a daughter company of Info Support, has developed smart tools and apps for planning in the retail. Fresh products require a totally different application of resource planning than preservable goods. R&R WFM’s planning software gives Food retailers optimal control over labor costs and enhances productivity.

Read more on R&R WFM’s website.

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