Application Management

Application Management

Are your applications permanently ready for the day after tomorrow? Do you have the assurance that your (business-critical) IT systems will continue to work? Even when they are adapted to new functional or technological requirements? If you leave all your application management concerns to us, we will give you custom support in return.

Attention to management

If Info Support has developed the software for you, the total life cycle of the application has been taken into account from the start. As a rule, the application management – maintenance & updating – has already been provided for in that case. If you developed the application yourself, we will put together a step-by-step plan adapted to your needs. Did you develop the application in house or have it developed elsewhere?

And would you like to outsource certain parts of the IT management, or the entire process? Do you have doubts about whether you are working with the latest technology? Or would you rather have some extra time and capacity for necessary new developments? We offer you a solution by taking over all or part of the application management.

The number of open incidents and new reports has decreased by approximately 95%: from hundreds per week to just a few per month.

Lässlo van Engeland, Information Manager at the VROM Inspectorate

Managed Services

Info Support provides management services via the Managed Services management department specifically set up for this. Via Managed Services, we offer a number of service instruments which are unique in the market.


Cloud services

More and more business applications are moving to the Cloud because a growing number of organizations are providing their services via online portals and apps. The boom in mobile devices, such as laptops, smartphones and tablets, has been another important boost for the success of Cloud services.

Because this development only increases the need for services that are available everywhere, all the time, and feeds the growing demand for a broad diversity of data.

Product- and knowledge support

Is your knowledge of certain products coming short? Do you need the experience from peers in your industry, derived from best practices? Info Support offers custom support.