Starting with a data-driven approach

Starting with a data-driven approach

Data that companies own is oftentimes a goldmine that does not always gets used to its fullest. The value of this data is huge: whether or not combined with AI, data helps lowering operational costs and increasing revenue. Additionally, it has a predictive value and improves cashflow.

Info Support helps companies and organizations to realize a better future through a data-driven strategy. We combine our expertise in the field of data strategy, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) with more than 30 years of experience in software engineering. Thus, we do not only ensure a strategy with maximum business value, but also that it becomes reality.

Data-driven organizations

A data-driven culture is essential to use the benefits of data to its maximum. Then each business layer is aware of the chances and (im)possibilities of the available data. Data-driven is the destination of a journey. The route to that destination can only be determined when the starting point is known. The first step is therefore to determine how data-driven the organization is at this moment. Do you want to know where your organization stands? Measure your current maturity level with the Info Support Data-Driven Maturity Scan. With our dedicated guidance and suggested focus areas you can subsequently improve this level for your business.

Help with your data challenges

Using the value of the data in your organization is often a difficult task. For starters, what is the value of all this information? And what are the opportunities? Depending on the data-maturity of your organization, we provide insight in which data is valuable for you and can be used for your business. We integrate this data and make it accessible for your organization, for example through standard reports and interactive dashboards, where appropriate in the cloud and where desired on premises. We make data searchable that way and make sure that all operations in the pipelines are traceable and auditable. That makes them compliant with legislation such as the AVG.

Why choose Info Support

  • Agreed is agreed

    With Info Support you can count on commitments being honored. Because of our size, medium, we can live up to that. Our company is of sufficient size to handle large projects, but at the same time small enough for a personal approach and flexibility.

  • Gegarandeerd resultaat bij complexe uitdagingen

    Results guaranteed in complex and business critical software issues

    Especially when it really gets complicated, you are at the right address at Info Support. It is not for nothing that we are regularly called in when it gets too complicated for others, or when projects threaten to go wrong.

  • Strategische IT Partner

    Knowledge of your industry

    If you consider technical solutions as a tool to innovate your business. Technology is never a goal in itself for Info Support. We always look further and immerse ourselves in your industry and specific situation. With innovative and industry-specific solutions as a result.

Data-driven guide

How do you achieve a data-driven business? Our guide Data-Driven Business: Make IT Happen! Helps you to start with a data-driven approach. We look at what exactly data-driven means and what the associated obstacles are. We help you on your way based on concrete steps in our maturity model.