Data Solutions

“I find it difficult to formulate concrete KPIs.” “I don’t know if my organization is headed in the right direction.” “There is so much data available in and outside of my organization, what should (or can) I do with it?” “It’s very time-consuming and laborious to unearth the data from which I can get useful information.” “I know how my organization performs, but I want to be able to benchmark its performance against others.” “I really wish I could look into a crystal ball to predict what the world is going to look like in a few weeks, months, years, so that I can decide the right strategy for my organization.”

Data Solutions

The quotes above are just a few examples of the kinds of issues our clients struggle with. Do these questions sound familiar to you and are you uncertain where to look for the solution? The key lies hidden in all those data that are available inside and outside every organization. The trick is to have these data work for you optimally. And that is precisely what Info Support does for you:

we enable you to utilize the enormous strength of data optimally in order to be successful. What is the best solution for your situation? It starts with determining what phase your organization is in or where your needs lie at the moment. Contact us to get your data working for you!

Collect & Create

A reliable data solution starts with the basics: collecting data and ensuring these data are stored correctly. In the Collect & Create phase, we focus on your data. What data are available in your organization and what sources can still be tapped in order to get insight into your processes or predict future events?

What is the most optimal form of storage; is a relational database or NoSQL database the right match for your organization? Are your data well secured and structured optimally for performance? In this phase, we make sure that all these matters are properly set up.

Transform & Construct

Organizations have an enormous quantity of data available in various systems. Once they have been stored and categorized correctly, data can be combined with each other and analyzed. This gives rise to new insights and useful management information. In the Transform and Construct


phase, we focus on realizing your data delivery platform (DDP). This can take the form of a data warehouse or data market, but analytic systems are increasingly able to use the source systems directly. Our experts design and build the optimal data infrastructure for your needs.

Science & Analysis

In this phase, information is rendered intelligent by applying algorithms and establishing connections. In the Science & Analysis phase, data comes to life for the user. Terabytes of data are displayed on dashboards or on your mobile device. Of course you are warned about urgent matters at an early stage with alerts, but you also save time and money by

anticipating early on, thanks to our predictive solutions. The role and possible applications for smart algorithms using Machine Learning are constantly growing. The implementation of (self-service) data visualization tooling for analysis and reporting purposes is also realized in this phase.

We were looking for support with BI architecture, project approach, configuration management, the Microsoft BI development tools and performance aspects.

Paul Delgman, Manager Business Intelligence at BinckBank N.V

Innovation themes

Info Support is an organization that is constantly seeking new opportunities to innovate. In order to ensure that our client also benefits from new developments, we are constantly investing in our knowledge of a number of innovation themes. The following innovation themes are indispensable, specifically when it comes to the best data solutions.

  • Algorithms
    Creating value from data by using smart algorithms..

  • Big Data
    Focus on storage, (real-time) processing and application of (predictive) analysis for business value.
  • Internet Of Things
    Source for analysis and machine learning applications.

Read about this on our blogsite, where you will find various whitepapers, articles, videos and references on our data solutions and innovation themes

Data Discovery Channel

The Data Discovery Channel informs everyone who works with data about the developments in the fields of data science, data analysis, predictive analytics, data warehousing, Business Intelligence and more. We regularly publish short videos addressing a specific topic, clearly explained by an expert in the particular field.


Info Support works with a number of BI partners. We combine our in-depth knowledge of the underlying technology and our years of experience with

BI with smart front-end solutions from our partners. Info Support’s BI partners are Qlik and Pyramid.