Endeavour Development Infrastructure

Control over the development process, high speed and quality, optimal collaboration between disciplines such as development and testing, rapid integration of new technologies: in short, success for your software department. With the implementation of the Endeavour development infrastructure, your software department will take a key step towards professionalization.


Ingredients for successful software development

  • extensive control over the development process, with a high degree of predictability;
  • high speed in terms of time-to-market;
  • strict quality requirements: the software must be good (enough);
  • high maintainability, with plenty of opportunities for flexible adaptations to new developments;
  • new technologies must be able to be quickly integrated;
  • there must be optimal collaboration between disciplines such as development and testing.

Put yourself to the test

Do you recognize the success factors at the top of this page? And are they still lacking in your software department? If so, then we want you to know that success is in reach with Endeavour. This can be done very concretely, for example by using Endeavour to revive a stalled project. Or we can jointly

perform a gap analysis to determine where the improvement areas lie. Based on the results, we’ll carry out a test project with you so that you can experience the added value of Endeavour yourself.


Hosted Development: development workplace in the Cloud

With Hosted Development, Info Support provides an innovative solution for the flexible setup of your development environment. This environment is available for any organization that develops applications or outsources

the development of applications, for a fixed low monthly fee. Endeavour can also be purchased online as a service.


Endeavour, the development infrastructure of Info Support, is a framework consisting of processes, tools and support to make the total software development process more manageable throughout the entire lifecycle of an application. Endeavour provides insight, control and a high degree of productivity


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