Healthcare and Insurance

Organizations in the healthcare market are being forced by all sorts of influences to work even more effectively and more flexibly: look for instance at the changes in the political climate and new regulations, the aging of the population and austerity measures. Organizations must have up-to-date and unambiguous information to make this possible. The use of smart IT is essential for this.

Integration in the healthcare chain

Using the IT system of VECOZO (Dutch abbreviation for Secure Communication in Healthcare), a high volume of claim forms is processed electronically each day and checks against insurance law are carried out (what are referred to as COV requests). Info Support made an essential contribution to the design and realization of the supporting IT system. This resulted in a substantial cost reduction and major improvements in efficiency. Info Support developed the AZR-NL application for health insurer CZ. This software for AZR provides the exchange of messages between healthcare institutions, a number of government institutions and the health insurer.

We are very pleased with Info Support. The values we look for – and which they offer – are high quality, reliable people and a bit of loyalty, in other words, showing commitment.

Jan-Hein Willemse, director at VECOZO

Client is the focus in GGZ (mental healthcare)

In the market for mental healthcare, a great deal is uncertain. What is certain is that the shift from illness management to health management is continuing. This also means changes to how a mental healthcare institution works. The working method will be moving from process-based work, to increasingly solution-focused and client-oriented collaboration.

The internal organization of the mental healthcare sector is also transforming. A turnaround is occurring in how information is handled. Storing information will continue to be very important, of course, but making (relevant) information accessible will play an ever more prominent role.



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