Food service

The Dutch consumer uses his smartphone more and more to order food and drinks. A lot of interesting data is gathered this way unnoticed. Not just by the producer, the consumer also develops a personal profile along the way. By adding nutritional values, origins of the food and various other data, food producers can help consumers create a personal profile that is leading in his or her consumer behavior. One of the many ideas that is developed nowadays is to make smart use of data. Especially in food service and retail, changes are going fast. Consumers are gaining more and more influence. Info Support can help companies respond to this. Especially in combining data, there are opportunities for companies to make the difference.

Every company is an IT company

Domino’s is never afraid to be at the forefront of improving products and services through smart innovations. Innovations such as the online and mobile ordering platform, an app to put together your own pizza, systems such as the pizza tracker and GPS tracker, SMS ordering or the new Order Anywhere. IT makes it possible.