Privacy Statement

Craftmanship means everything to us. Every day we develop solid and innovative solutions that directly or indirectly impact the daily life of many. To serve you in the best possible way we sometimes need some information from you.

Privacy Statement

Craftmanship means everything to us. Every day we develop solid and innovative solutions that directly or indirectly impact the daily life of many. To serve you in the best possible way we sometimes need some information from you.

Questions or complaints?

Do you have questions about your information, about the way we collect or use your information, or about this Privacy Statement?

Please contact our Privacy Office (Privacyloket) or our Data Protection Officer (Functionaris Gegevensbescherming.

Privacy Office
+31 318 552020

Data Protection Officer
+31 318 552020

Do you have complaints about the way we use your information, or about our reaction to your privacy related questions? Please contact the Dutch Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.

Who are we?

Info Support is a specialist in developing high-quality software solutions and a leader in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), cloud architecture, Managed Services and IT training programs. With an agile mentality and software craftsmanship, over 500 professionals help clients move forward in the agrifood, retail, energy, fintech, mobility, pension and healthcare sectors. Info Support also believes in the power of the community and actively contributes to various open-source initiatives. Info Support has offices in the Netherlands and Belgium.

This privacy statement is applicable to the following companies: Info Support B.V.,Info Support N.V. (Belgium) and Info Support MITS B.V.:

In order to provide you with the best possible service, we need to collect certain data. We respect your privacy in this regard and would like to give you insight into what we do with your data. Info Support is the controller of the personal data that we process about you.

Why do we process personal data?

We need personal data in order to communicate with you for reasons such as:

  • Sending a newsletter.
  • Using a contact form.
  • Attending an event.
  • Handling job applications.
  • Providing services.

What kind of personal data do we process?

  • Website visits:

    Use of cookies

    Info Support uses cookies on its websites. Cookies are small information files that are stored on the device you use when you visit our website, such as a computer, tablet, smartphone or smartwatch. Cookies do not jeopardize the security of your computer. We use three different types of cookies, which you can read more about in our cookie statement. We only use necessary cookies, analytic cookies and self-built social media buttons, which means that your data is not provided to third parties. See our cookie statement for detailed information about the use of cookies on our websites.

    Use of contact form

    You can contact us by completing a contact form or sending an e-mail. The details you provide may be added to our CRM system and, if necessary, sent to a contact person within Info Support in order to provide you with the best possible service. This data is also used to monitor the (proper) functioning of the website. E-mails are retained for up to two years after the end of the conversation about your question or comment.

  • Newsletters

    If you would like to stay up to date on the latest trends and developments relating to our services or career opportunities, you can subscribe to one or more of our newsletters. We will record your name and e-mail address in our mailing list and retain this data until you unsubscribe from the relevant newsletter. In each newsletter you receive from us, we give you the option to unsubscribe and/or update your details.


  • Participation in promotional activities and events

    Info Support regularly organizes promotional activities, informational evenings, workshops and other events. Because it is necessary to know who is participating, you must register for events. For each event, we will indicate what data we need and how this data will be processed by us. Examples include providing you with information about time and location, sending you a reminder, notifying you in advance if the event has been canceled, or sending you a report or presentation after the event. We will retain this data in our CRM system for two years. We will retain the data of IT students who take part in our student events for six months, unless they give us permission to retain the data for two years after their graduation date. For some events, we need additional assistance and may therefore engage third parties. Photos are taken and video recordings are made at our events for reporting, record-keeping purposes and/or use as future promotional material. It is therefore possible that you will be captured in photos or videos which we will then use for publication after the event. These images and recordings will be stored in our media bank for two calendar years. Please note that you always have the right to request removal of images in which you can be identified.

  • Social media

    Info Support uses social media to keep you up to date on the latest trends and developments relating to our services. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Info Support does not attach any conditions to the use of its social media. You agree to the conditions imposed by the social media platform. If you ask us a question or contact us via social media, we will respond via the same social media platform.

    Info Support uses the advertising options available on social media platforms. We show you ads based on the data that the respective platform collects with your consent. Info Support has no influence on which data the social media platforms collect from you and the conditions under which this occurs.

  • Office visits / visitor registration

    A record is kept of visitors to our office in Veenendaal, primarily as an aid in the event of emergencies (i.e. so that we know who is in the building). You must report to the reception desk upon arrival and departure. The visitor record is deleted after a few days. In exceptional cases, this retention period may be adjusted (e.g. in the event of an incident or special circumstances such as the COVID-19 pandemic).

    Visitors in Veenendaal can receive a numbered visitor pass on request. The issuance and return of the pass will be recorded. A location tracking system shows where the specific visitor pass was last used to open a door. The visitor pass record is deleted after a few days. In exceptional cases, this retention period may be adjusted (e.g. in the event of an incident or special circumstances such as the COVID-19 pandemic).


    • Security cameras
      All of our offices are equipped with visible and hidden cameras, both indoors and outside in the parking areas. The cameras are on 24 hours a day. This is important for your safety as well as that of our colleagues and property.The video footage is not actively monitored. The recordings will only be reviewed by authorized staff in case of an actual or suspected incident, such as theft or property damage. Video recordings are erased after four weeks, unless an incident is captured and there are legal reasons to retain the footage for longer, e.g. due to a police investigation. In that case, the video recordings will be retained until the incident has been resolved.
    • WiFi network
      All visitors have access to free WiFi during their visit to any of our offices. Once you are logged in to our WiFi network, data such as the identification number (MAC address) of your device will automatically be collected. This data will be deleted after one year and will only be used by Info Support to prevent possible misuse. Should any illegal activities take place over our WiFi network, we may block the device in question from accessing our WiFi network in the future.
  • Job applicants

    If you apply for a job via our website, we will record your details in our CRM system to ensure that the application process goes as smoothly as possible.

    During the application process, your data will be shared with the colleagues who are directly involved in your application process. For some positions, the application process includes an assessment. In that case, you will be notified of this and your data will be shared with the organization that administers the assessment.

    If you are not hired, we will retain your data for up to six weeks after the end of the process or we will request your explicit permission to retain your data for longer (e.g. to fill another possible job opening). After receiving your permission, we will retain your data for two years.

    Pre-Employment Screening

    ICT positions are often regarded as integrity-sensitive roles, for which our clients impose screening requirements. To fulfill our duties as an employer, we must anticipate such requirements because clients will only entrust sensitive information and/or business-critical systems to Info Support if we can deploy reliable personnel in this regard. Screening is therefore an necessary tool for Info Support to mitigate employability-related business risks by ensuring that reliable personnel can be deployed (as stated above).

    The following items are checked during the screening process:

    • Verification of signed integrity statement and authorization form.
    • Verification of identity and address details.
    • Verification of CV.
    • Clearly legible copy of work and/or residence permit (if applicable).
    • Verification of diplomas and/or certificates (most relevant qualification or highest degree obtained).
    • Telephone call with most recent or most relevant employer to verify references.
    • Certificate of good conduct (for the Netherlands: Verklaring omtrent het Gedrag – VOG, for Belgium: Uittreksel uit het strafregister); checked for authenticity and date of issue.
    • Search of court registers (including bankruptcy register).

    This screening process is outsourced to International Integrity Services, a specialized screening agency that falls directly under the supervision of the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security.


  • Services

    If we conclude an agreement with you to provide our services or to receive your services, we will retain the personal data that we need for this purpose: name, position and contact details. We will keep this data as long as necessary.

  • Participation in training courses

    When you register for a training course at Info Support’s Knowledge Center, we process your personal data. We save data that we receive from you or from your employer. This information is retained as long as necessary.

    Storage of your data upon participation in training courses

    We collect and retain the following personal data:

    • Name (first name and surname), address and other contact details.
    • Data relating to the course you have registered for, including payment details.
    • Your feedback on the course and other information you provide.
    • Personal data relating to your course, such as your attendance, any test results or scores, and whether you have successfully completed the course.

    Use of your data upon participation in training courses

    We use your personal data for the following purposes:

    • Registration and administrative processing of your participation in your chosen training course.
    • Delivering your chosen training course.
    • Carrying out analyses to improve our services.
    • Providing advice on further courses.
    • Keeping you up to date on our products and services.
    • Sending you requested documents/information and responding to your questions.

    Provision to third parties upon participation in training courses

    We may transfer your data to our (training) partners when you register for a course that is provided by one of these partners and/or held at their location. The name of our partner will be included in the course description. The details you provide during the registration process will then be shared with our training partner.

How do we protect your data?

We take appropriate security measures to curtail misuse of and unauthorized access to your personal data. We have an information security policy for this purpose. This policy ensures that only the necessary individuals have access to your data, that access to your personal data is restricted and that our security measures are regularly reviewed. We also assess whether the security measures themselves are still in line with security standards and the state of the art. To provide maximum protection for our property and your personal data, we continuously analyze login details and communication from our systems. We use secure connections so that all information between you and our website is protected when you enter personal data. If any Info Support employees are able to view your data, they are bound by a duty of confidentiality with respect to that data.

Do we share your data with third parties?

If necessary, we will share your data with external service providers with whom we have concluded a processing agreement. They are only permitted to use your data in order to provide the respective service. This means they may not use or transfer your data independently. Data is never sold to third parties. In principle, we do not share your data outside of the EU/EEA; otherwise, we will implement appropriate safeguards.

What are your rights?

  • Right of access: if desired, we can provide you with information about or access to the personal data we have about you.
  • Right to rectification: if certain data is incorrect or incomplete and you cannot change it yourself, then we will correct it for you.
  • Right to erasure: you can also ask us to delete or transfer your data.
  • Right to object: you can also object to or restrict the processing of your data.
  • Right to withdraw consent: if you would like to withdraw previously provided consent, you may do so as well.

Bear in mind that some rights can always be exercised, but other rights depend on a specific situation. This means that, in some cases, we will not be able or even allowed to address your question or request. Below is information on whom you can contact if you have a question or request.

Contact information:

Job applicants: for questions or to exercise the rights listed above, please contact our HR department via

Clients, suppliers and other business relations: for questions or to exercise the rights listed above, please contact our Contract Management department via


We have also appointed a data protection officer (DPO) who advises us in this regard and ensures that we comply with privacy laws and regulations. Our DPO is Rachel Reinhard and she is listed in register of the Dutch Data Protection Authority. If HR or Contract Management are unable to help you, you may be referred to her for further assistance.

Effective date of privacy statement:

With effect from November 8th, 2021, this privacy statement replaces our previous statement. This privacy statement is updated on a regular basis. We will inform you of changes by publishing the new statement on, after which it will immediately take effect.