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Privacy Statement

Craftmanship means everything to us. Every day we develop solid and innovative solutions that directly or indirectly impact the daily life of many. To serve you in the best possible way we sometimes need some information from you.

Privacy Statement

Craftmanship means everything to us. Every day we develop solid and innovative solutions that directly or indirectly impact the daily life of many. To serve you in the best possible way we sometimes need some information from you.

Your privacy

We respect your privacy and are transparent on how we collect and use your information.

  • Visiting our websites
  • Newsletters
  • Participating in actions and events
  • Social media
  • Visiting our offices

Questions or complaints?

Do you have questions about your information, about the way we collect or use your information, or about this Privacy Statement?

Please contact our Privacy Office (Privacyloket) or our Data Protection Officer (Functionaris Gegevensbescherming.

Privacy Office
+31 318 552020

Data Protection Officer
+31 318 552020

Do you have complaints about the way we use your information, or about our reaction to your privacy related questions? Please contact the Dutch Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.

Visiting our websites


Info Support makes use of cookies on her websites. Cookies are small packets of information that are saved on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone or smartwatch) when you visit one of our websites. Cookies do not bring the safety of your computer at risk. We use three types of cookies, read more about this in our Cookie Statement. Unlike other websites we don’t need to use a cookie wall when you visit our websites. That is because we only use functional and analytic cookies and home made social media buttons that don’t share your information with third parties. For detailed information on the use of cookies on our websites see our Cookie Statement.

Using contact forms

You can contact us using a contact form. The information you enter is captured in an email and sent to the designated contact at Info Support. A copy of this email is sent to the administrator of the website (the marketing & communication department) to monitor the correct functioning of our websites. On the contact form you will find a photo, phone number and email address of the contact that will receive your message. This contact will come back to you by email or by phone. Emails are stored for a period of at most two years after ending the conversation on your question or remark.


When you want to stay up to date with the newest trends and developments regarding our services, you can register for our (Dutch) eNieuwsbrief. We register your email address in our CRM system until you unregister for the eNieuwsbrief.
Every eNieuwsbrief you receive will incorporate a means to unregister or to update your preferences or email address.

Participating in actions and events

Info Support regularly organizes actions, knowledge sharing nights, workshops and other events. In order to know who will participate you can register for these events. For each event we indicate which information we need and how that information will be used. E.g. we will use your email to provide you information about time and place of the event, send you a reminder, warn you in the rare case the event is cancelled or send you notes from the event afterwards. We store this information for a period of at most two years. For some event we need extra help, in which case we share your information with external suppliers, that can only use your information for the agreed upon service. The external suppliers are never allowed to use the information for other purposes or pass it on to others.

At our events photographs and videos are made for reporting and for registration purposes. It may therefore be that you are recorded on photos or videos that are used after the event. We may contact you after the event, we use your data for this.


Social media

Info Support uses social media to keep you informed on the latest trends and developments regarding our services.

You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube. Info Support does not introduce extra conditions on the use of social media. You only agree to the conditions of the specific social media platform. When you contact us through social media we will react using the same social media.

Info Support makes use of the advertisement possibilities of social media platforms. They show you advertisements based on the information that platform collected about you with your permission. Info Support has no influence on which information social media platforms collect about you.

Visiting our offices

Registration of visitors

Visitors of our offices on the Kruisboog and Smalle Zijde in Veenendaal are registerd, primarily as a measure in case of calamities (who is in the building). On arrival and departure you register at the reception. This registration will be deleted after a couple of days.

Visitors of our office on the Kruisboog have the option to use a numbered visitor pass to move through specific parts of the building without supervision. Lending and returning of the pass will be registered. On a tracking system it will be visible on which location the visitor pass is used for the last time to open a door.

This visitor pass registration will be deleted after a couple of days.

Camera surveillance

All our offices use visible and invisible cameras, both inside the builing and outside on the parking lot. The cameras are operational  24/7 to safeguard you, our colleagues and our properties.

Camera images (only video, no sound) are not actively monitored. Only in case of a (suspected) incident like theft or damage of properties, camera images are reviewed by authorized personnel. Camera images will be deleted after a period of four weeks, unless an incident is captured and there is a legal reason (like a police inquiry) to retain the images longer. In that case, camera images will be retained until the incident is closed.

WiFi network

When visiting one of our offices, you can make use of our free WiFi.  Once you are logged in on our WiFi network, data will automatically be captured, like the identification number (MAC-adres) of your device. This data will be deleted after one year and will only be used in case of abuse. When illegal activities take place from within our  WiFi network, we can block access of your device to our WiFi network for future use.

Info Support websites

This Privacy Statement is applicable on the following websites:

Other websites owned by Info Support, like our career website and training website, have their own Privacy Statement.