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Reference story


ZorgMatch offers software that regulates the messaging between healthcare providers, government institutions and healthcare offices. The AZR-NL package reduces the administrative burden for care offices that provide long-term care.

Info Support’s mixed team makes an important contribution to the modernization of the product. This makes it more reliable and ready for the future, which is good news for people who need long-term care.


Modernize the complex AZR-NL information system without compromising long-term care.
Healthcare providers, government institutions (CIZ and CAK), healthcare offices and clients needing long-term care.
Toegepaste technologieën
A future-proof system that is more reliable for the end user.
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Several departments at AZR-NL use software that is outdated or no longer supported. It is a custom product made specifically for long-term care, which consists of various software components that need to communicate with one another and use the same data. The system must therefore be modernized in phases. In the meantime, the system must continue running without interruptions because the healthcare offices cannot operate without it. Exchanging messages is crucial to providing effective care.

A large part of the modernization process has to do with technology, but these improvements also create direct benefits for users. The results include better performance, fewer errors and improved problem-solving. In addition, we are now more agile and better equipped to respond to our customers’ needs.

Paul Bleijenbergh, director ZorgMatch


By redesigning the system under an event-driven architecture, it is possible to roll out components independently while the system continues to work as usual. This allows ZorgMatch to launch a new piece of software every month.

In the phased replacement process, glue components are used. Old and new technologies must be able to interact at database level. A glue component keeps the data synchronized between old and new components. You can then slowly replace a component, and eventually the “glue” can be removed.

We work with an event-driven architecture. In short, that means we can roll out components independently while the system continues to work as usual. This allows us to launch a new piece of software every month.

Bas - Software Engineer Info Support


AZR-NL is gradually being improved without causing any inconvenience to users. Once the entire modernization process is complete, AZR-NL will be even more reliable for end users, which will in turn lead to better care.