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Energy Market

Energy transition

Energy Market

Energy transition

Energy transition and digital transition

We are saying goodbye to fossil fuels. This is actually happening quite fast. Several coal-fired power plants have already shut down, and the remaining plants will close their doors by 2030. We will eventually stop using natural gas as well.

Electricity from renewable energy sources – especially solar and wind – is taking over the role of fossil fuels. We can already see this happening all around, and offshore wind farms will be a significant contributing factor in the years ahead.

But will it be enough? Our electricity consumption will increase substantially. Heat pumps, which consume a lot of electricity, will take over the role of natural gas in many homes. In the mobility sector, we are seeing the rise of electric bicycles and electric vehicles in particular. In order to meet the growing electricity demand, the possibilities that hydrogen offers (in the long term) are also being explored.

At the same time, increasing attention will be paid to energy saving, both in homes and in offices and factories. This will no longer be voluntary, but enforced through laws and regulations as well. Offices and businesses will be forced to show which energy-saving measures they have taken. Homes without an energy label will no longer be allowed to be sold.

Finally, it will become increasingly important to balance the electricity supply and demand as effectively as possible.

A challenge for all parties in the chain is to keep the energy supply reliable and affordable through this transition.

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