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Energy Market

Metering companies

Energy Market

Metering companies

To the general public, metering companies are somewhat unknown in the energy chain. Compared to these metering companies, grid operators and especially energy providers have a much higher profile. The metering market is also split. For households, the metering market is regulated and grid operators are responsible for meter reading. For customers with a bulk usage connection, the metering market is liberalized and they must designate their own metering company.

Metering companies play a key role. They measure energy consumption, and the relevant fees are calculated accordingly. The energy transition has only increased the importance of measurement data – good measurement data, that is.

Place in the energy chain

Smart meter

Smart meters are currently being rolled out to households. A smart meter is a digital meter that is read by the grid operator. These meters record energy consumption at 15-minute intervals for electricity and 60-minute intervals for gas. Business customers use telemetry meters. These are read daily.

Digital transition


Business customers must designate a so-called “Recognized Metering Authority”, which handles the measurement and processing of consumption data. The latter in particular – data processing – is becoming increasingly important. Customers need differentiated overviews and in-depth analyses of their energy consumption. The market continues to demand more measurement data that is also more up-to-date, in order to get a clear picture of energy costs, charge these costs accordingly or start taking energy-saving measures. Through laws and regulations, often as part of the Energy or Climate Agreements, customers are also being forced to take these matters seriously.

Metering companies can demonstrate their added value in this regard. Sometimes that added value goes even further by providing the energy infrastructure, such as supplying transformers and charging stations and offering the associated services.

Info Support enables us to develop new data-driven services on a large scale, with the reliability that people have come to expect from Fudura.

René Pruijssers - Director Fudura B.V.

IT as an enabler

  • Processing, verifying and analyzing large amounts of (big) data in order to subsequently present and visualize this data in a variety of clear graphs and tables.
  • Artificial Intelligence for process optimization and services provided to end customers.
  • Now that data has become so important, cybersecurity has also become a top-priority issue for reasons of security of supply and data privacy.
  • Due to the exponential growth of data, migration to the Cloud can reduce IT costs.

Four reasons to choose Info Support

  • Domain knowledge

    Domain knowledge

    Years of experience in the energy sector.

  • Ervaring


    Involved in the execution of innovative projects with grid operators which provide solutions to grid operators’ current needs, such as real-time insights and flexibility.

  • Vakmanschap in de it


    Our employees are knowledgeable and have experience with the latest technological developments.

  • Speedy implementation API


    Innovation is in our genes: we invest a great deal of time and energy in training our employees and developing innovative concepts.

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Dagelijks helpen wij onze opdrachtgevers uit de energiesector met hun digitale transformatie. Wilt u meer weten over de mogelijkheden die technologieën als Artificial Intelligence en Cloud Native uw organisatie te bieden heeft? Wij helpen u graag verder.