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Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services take care of all your cloud environment needs.

Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services take care of all your cloud environment needs.

Gartner predicts that by 2020, more than 65% of businesses will have migrated their applications to the cloud. The migration to the cloud should contribute to increased speed and flexibility, lower costs and greater ease when implementing new technologies. However, taking full advantage of these benefits requires more than simply transferring all your systems. Well-thought-out and reliable management is an essential part of the process. With Info Support’s Managed Services, you can be certain that your software is available, secure and future-proof in the cloud.

Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud

Managed Cloud Services enable you to fully outsource the management of your cloud environment. Whether it is a public cloud, a private cloud in your data center or one of ours, or a hybrid variant thereof: our team of driven T-shaped professionals takes responsibility for the availability and continuity of your systems. This way you can be certain that we are harnessing the endless possibilities of the cloud in terms of performance, speed, flexibility and scalability, while you are able to fully focus on your business.

Cloud Providers

Info Support has experience with various cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. An increasing number of our clients are also opting for a multi-cloud solution. Would you like to learn more about which provider…

Reasons to choose Info Support

  • innovatie

    Innovation and advice

    In addition to 24/7 management and support, we draw from our extensive experience to give you advice on the options that are best suited to your systems and workloads, and we pro-actively inform you about the latest developments that the cloud has to offer your organization.

  • Strategische IT Partner


    Our Managed Cloud Services meet the maximum availability requirements. We focus as much as possible on chain monitoring and alerting in order to give your applications the best possible protection.

  • Internet Security


    Info Support is ISO 9001, ISO 20000-1, ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified and has an ISAE3402 statement. We monitor the security and compliance of your systems from our Security Operation Center (SOC).

  • Scalability

    The management of your cloud environment grows in sync with your company’s needs, in terms of both functionality and scale.

Secure and compliant

Info Support ensures that your cloud environment is secure and compliant with laws and regulations. We monitor the security and compliance of your cloud-based systems from our Security Operation Center (SOC) and give you pro-active advice accordingly…

Want to learn more?

Do you want to learn more about the possibilities that Managed Cloud Services have to offer your organization? Contact us to schedule a chat, no strings attached. We will be happy to assist you.