Start-up Thinking

If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got. It may well be one of the most famous quotes from Albert Einstein. Never before has this quote been as relevant for the world in which we live as it is now.



Info Support is convinced that – even for larger companies – it is possible to operate as a start-up within the company’s walls. Info Support therefore has teams work on an innovation independently. A small business inside the company, in fact, sometimes referred to as ‘intrapreneurship’ (internal entrepreneurship). We put together teams of people who are very knowledgeable about the business and who are bursting with good ideas for the client.

We then add people who are knowledgeable about the technology. By (temporarily) giving these two groups a place together outside the standard processes and rules, innovative ideas are given the space to blossom. Info Support has already managed to realize a number of successful projects in this way, with ING, Alfam, 9292ov and the Rijnstate Hospital, among others.

Innovation Projects

A concrete example of intrapreneurship is the ‘Innovation Projects’ competition that Info Support organizes several times a year. Employees can present their ideas there, together with a company; the employee with the winning idea gets to work out his/her idea in practice. Time and budget is freed up to work on the project; as a rule: two weeks with a team of five people per project. Because the projects are actually carried out together with a company, the results are really used in practice. Innovation Projects encourages us to think: what can we do currently with today’s technological possibilities, but also in one year, or two years?

If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got

Albert Einstein

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Startup Village - Innovation Lab

Innovation is also being worked on outside our own office. Info Support has an Innovation Lab at Startup Village in Amsterdam, an inspiring environment where development teams are stimulated to come up with new ideas outside of their usual surroundings. In this lab, bridges are built between the corporate world, start-ups and science. Startup Village has fully furnished containers at the Amsterdam Science Park, housing 30 start-ups. In our lab, development teams from larger companies come together with students and specialists from Info Support to work on innovations. During sessions of maximum three weeks, the teams work on workable prototypes in the areas of, among others, artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data. The prototypes can then be tested with target groups.


Innovation Project @ ROI Fleet & Mobility

“What if we travel by drone in future?” Within 2 weeks, we did an Innovation Project at ROI fleet & mobility – with the starting point and deliverable an application landscape that facilitates the transition from lease to mobility

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