Validate your AI idea in 5 business days

AI Design Week

Validate your AI idea in 5 business days

AI Design Week

What is an AI Design Week?

An AI Design Week is an opportunity to validate the value and feasibility of your AI idea in just five days. We kick things off with an Ideation Workshop. Do you know that AI could make a big difference for your company, but you’re not sure exactly how? Or perhaps you already have an idea of where AI could help you, but you don’t quite know how to start? Many companies ask themselves these questions. An AI Design Week helps you find the answers.

During this workshop, we will immediately identify various AI applications that would be valuable to your company. One of these ideas will be validated during an AI Design Week. This validation is not a proof-of-concept, but rather a proof-of-value. As such, you will quickly see whether it makes sense to invest further in the idea. At the end of the week, the value and feasibility of the idea will be explored and demonstrated in a demo. You will also receive a final report with clear, concrete recommendations and next steps to successfully implement AI within your company.

  • Impact on business objectives

  • Causaliteit bij explainable AI

    AI experiment

  • Results

Is an AI Design Week something for your organization?

In practice, we often hear organizations give the following reasons for starting off with an AI Design Week:

• “We want to do ‘something’ with AI.”
• “As management, our theme this year is AI.”
• “We have a lot of ideas for AI.”
• “Our employees aren’t excited about AI yet.”

The next question is often: “But how should we start?” That is exactly what an AI Design Week helps with. We create a proof-of-value that shows you whether or not it makes sense to invest further in the idea.

A dedicated AI Design Week in 5 steps

To identify your company’s challenges and business objectives, and thus determine the business case for your AI experiments, we follow a five-step procedure:

  • Define AI experiment

    During the workshop, we will identify the key business objectives together in order to subsequently develop the case with the biggest impact during your own AI Design Week. This case will serve as the starting point of the AI experiment canvas. We will then go through a structured process of preparing, defining, planning and conducting the experiment.

  • Analyze usability of data

    We will work together to select the potential data we want to use for the experiment. This data will be analyzed if it is usable and compliant for the AI experiment.

  • AI Learning Modeling

    As a solution for the experiment, we will design a model for machine or deep learning.

  • ontdekken van kennis met explainable ai

    Results of AI experiment

    The next step is to transform the data or adjust the learning model to better match the solution. We will also record our observations while running the experiment in order to gather valuable insights.

  • Evaluation

    The last day will include an evaluation meeting with the team. During this meeting we will gather feedback and evaluate the original idea for the experiment together. Based on the results, we can decide to expand, adjust or stop the experiment.

Satisfied clients

Here are a few of our satisfied clients.

Next steps

Training plan
As a next step, employees who have contributed to the experiment can be trained as data scientists, data engineers, AI engineers or technical AI experts.

Project / Consultancy
The product of the experiment is not always immediately ready for production. We can of course help you put your solution into practice.

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