Veenendaal: city of ICT

Veenendaal: city of ICT. One of the key objectives of the Municipality of Veenendaal. And that is naturally a great fit for our company. Info Support has been located in Veenendaal practically since the start. First on the Turbinestraat, then on De Smalle Zijde – where the Expertise Center is now, a few years on Einsteinstraat, and since summer 2005 our head office has been located at Kruisboog 42. R&R Workforcemanagement, part of Info Support International, has also been located here since 2010.

Veenendaal: city of ICT

Developing and distinguishing the ICT sector is an important policy objective of the Municipality of Veenendaal. From a strong ICT starting point, the Municipality of Veenendaal and Promotie Veenendaal want to give the ICT sector all the space it needs as a driver for innovation and sustainable renewal of the entire economic landscape.

As a strong ICT center, Veenendaal also wants to contribute significantly to the successful development of the still evolving FoodValley region. That is why this is a priority in the municipal Program for the Economy.

ICT Valley

Veenendaal is the ICT center of the FoodValley region. This center function means that ICT companies that are located here

strengthen each other by connecting with each other in a platform. The ICT Valley foundation was set up in this context on 1 November 2012.


With more than 400 employees, Info Support is the biggest ICT company in Veenendaal. In addition to performing work on location at our clients, activities are also increasingly carried out at our locations in Veenendaal.

As such we are an important source of employment in ICT in the Veenendaal region. You can read more about this on our career website (in Dutch).