ISKA: Spotify – audio delivery at scale

Op 2 maart 2016 heeft Niklas Gustavsson van Spotify een presentatie gegeven bij Info Support. Bekijk deze Info Support KennisAvond opname via YouTube.



Spotify has long used what is now known as a microservice architecture. Its backend consists of hundreds of services, small and single purpose. It has allowed a continuous evolution of the Spotify feature set and has supported scaling out to supporting now more than 75 million users.

This talk will go into detail on how a Spotify service works and how the UNIX philosophy of composing components that does a single thing well, works on a greater scale. We’ll cover common patterns for, for example, service discovery and storage. And, when beating the speed of light requires extending outside of the Spotify backend into an intricate set of content delivery techniques.

About the speaker
Niklas Gustavsson is a backend engineer at Spotify, open source hacker, mountain biker and father of two awesome kids. At Spotify, he mostly works on the audio pipeline and content delivery.
Niklas keeps a badly updated blog at and tweets as @protocol7.