Making Maarten Marvellous


Making Maarten Marvellous

Info Support has a very active speakers community. Our colleagues share their knowledge and experiences by giving sessions trainings at National and International events.

Maarten Mulders, Consultant and Trainer, was invited to several podcast during his speaking gigs.

Beyond Coding

Beyond Coding is a weekly Tech podcast that dives into the world of successful people in Tech and Business. The host Patrick Akil and his guests share their experiences and insights, ranging from knowledge sharing and challenges tech people face all the way to staying sane in the demanding world we work and live in.

Everything you’ll hear is non-scripted, genuine, and comes from a place of passion.

Maarten has a guest appearance in Episode 48:

Whether you know it or not, we’re all benefitting from open source software. The innovation and collaboration that has come from it is incredible. But it’s not without flaws… Very Interesting ones actually, so I invited Paulo Lopes and Maarten Mulders on to discuss the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to open source.

Some of the topics we cover this episode, in order:

  • Disputes and social problems that occur in open source projects
  • Contributing to open source, and how to make it easier
  • What would make open source better?
  • The not invented here syndrome in open source projects


Wicked Good Development

This episode is the first in a mini series from the experiences at Devnexus 2022. It was an exciting time to learn from developers and capture wisdom from the open source community. The life of a contributor told by Maarten Mulders, Consultant, Trainer, and Technology Advocate at Info Support, plays out on Wicked Good Development during DevNexus 2022. Considering Apache Maven to be the cornerstone for Java development, hear how Maarten navigates fixing bugs, avoiding build breaks, and Java derivative languages.