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About Info Support

Solid Innovator

About Info Support

Info Support is a specialist in developing high-quality software solutions and a leader in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), cloud architecture, Managed Services and IT training programs. With an agile mentality and software craftsmanship, over 500 professionals help clients move forward in the agrifood, retail, energy, fintech, mobility, pension and healthcare sectors. Info Support also believes in the power of the community and actively contributes to various open-source initiatives. Info Support has offices in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Why choose Info Support?

  • Vertrouwen bij explainable AI

    Promises made are promises kept

    At Info Support, you can rest assured that we will keep our promises. We are able to fulfill these commitments thanks to our medium-sized business structure. Our company is big enough to take on large projects, but at the same time small enough to offer a personal approach and flexibility.

  • Gegarandeerd resultaat bij complexe uitdagingen met Artificial Intelligence

    Guaranteed results for complex challenges

    When the challenge gets really complex, Info Support is the right place to be. It’s no coincidence that companies regularly call on us for help when things get too complicated for others or when projects are at risk of going wrong.

  • Sound finances

    Info Support has been in the black since its founding in 1986. And we have achieved that as a non-listed company. We are convinced that this independence guarantees continuity for you.

  • Kennis van uw markt

    Knowledge of your market

    If you see technical solutions as a tool to innovate your business. For Info Support, technology is never a goal in and of itself. That is why we always look further and immerse ourselves in your sector and specific situation, with innovative and sector-oriented solutions as a result.

The ambition: Info Support Science Park

At Info Support, we take the lead on a daily basis. And we want to go further. Our idea? To develop the* Science Park: a place where IT experts work with businesses and students to create the groundbreaking and practical solutions of tomorrow. For years we have seen that crossover collaborations are crucial to developing groundbreaking and innovative IT solutions. What is still missing is an inspiring place with enough space to make such collaboration possible. We now have our sights set on this place, in a beautiful, central and accessible high-profile location.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Info Support is committed to sustainable business practices. We are taking a critical look at decreasing our CO2 emissions and energy consumption, as well as reducing and sustainably processing our waste. Info Support also gives back to society throu…