When a sector undergoes a radical transformation, this puts a lot of demands on all the players. There are in fact two transitions simultaneously underway in the energy sector at the moment. Both developments require energy companies (regardless of whether they are producers, network managers, dealers or brokers) to rely more and more on ICT.

Energy transition and digital transition

Energy transition

The transition from fossil fuel and centrally-generated energy to sustainable and locally-generated energy is in full swing.

In the 2013 Energy Agreement, it was stated that energy savings of 1.5% had to be achieved annually and that 14% of the energy generated in 2020 must be from renewable sources

Digital transition

The time when energy companies could suffice with paper annual statements or the submission of meter readings by mail is long gone. Digital processes and communication are just the start of the digital revolution in which the energy sector finds itself. Whether it has to do with the Internet of Things, Big Data or Blockchain; ICT plays an increasingly important role for all players on the energy market.

Info Support’s areas of expertise in the energy chain


Transport & distribution

Supply & metering

Info Support helps Fudura with the IoT and innovation

Info Support organized a hackathon in cooperation with Fudura to deepen the knowledge of Azure Service Fabric and share this inside the organization. Azure Service Fabric is a Microsoft service which can be used to build and manage simple microservice solutions. Azure Service Fabric is used at Fudura for the Metering-as-a-Service (MaaS) IoT platform. Via MaaS, Fudura provides insight into energy flows and makes them manageable.