Info Support Open Source

Info Support Open Source

Open source stands for developing high-quality independent software together. We cooperate, maintain and invest in various open source projects, because we believe it is important for our field. The open source community ensures that software can be improved by any passionate developer. That really has an impact on the world around us.

We in Microsoft are currently running Stryker against a codebase of around 150 projects and in about 90-95% cases Stryker runs successfully and consistently

Rouke Boersma - Software Engineer at Microsoft

Open source projects that we support financially


An assertion framework for .NET. The best practice from our guidance framework e is used a lot in our .NET projects. In addition, this project has a Dutch maintainer.…


A tool with which you can request information about .NET solutions. It is not often used, but if you need this functionality, you can't get around this tool most of the time. Indispensable for Stryker.NET.…


A frequently used tool in almost all of our frontend projects (often another dependency of Angular / React / Vue / etc). Is also decisive for StrykerJS; without Babel no StrykerJS.…


The defacto test tool for Java projects and is therefore also widely used in our Java projects. In addition, they also have set up an API for unit test frameworks.…

Replace Tokens task

A relatively small, but indispensable task in almost all Azure devops pipelines. It is therefore also widely used with PDC CICD.

We support our engineers in the following ways:

  • Time

    At Info Support you get the space to work on open source projects during working hours.

  • Swag

    We ensure through marketing that our open source projects get a lot of exposure.

  • Contributions

    Through hackathons and other fun initiatives, our engineers contribute directly to open source projects.

  • Legal

    Our engineers are fully supported when it comes to licensing, intellectual property and other legal issues.


Got a question or idea you would like to discuss? Don’t hesitate to reach out!