Initially, the combination of ICT and Government does not seem a successful one. That impression is reinforced by the conclusions and no fewer than 34 recommendations listed by the Temporary ICT Commission chaired by Ton Elias in its research report ‘Naar grip op ICT’ [Towards control of ICT]. The fact that it can actually turn out differently is evident from the report ‘Lessen uit ICT-projecten bij de overheid’ [Lessons from ICT projects in the government] from the Netherlands Court of Audit. In the report, a sizable project in the national government is designated by the Lower House of Parliament as ‘good practice’. This project was carried out using Info Support’s Government Software Development Infrastructure. The Government Software Development Infrastructure is a version of the Endeavour development infrastructure specifically designed for the government market.


Carefully attuning the process of software development – from design through to roll-out and management – to the right development methods and tools is an absolute condition for developing good software. The Government Software Development Infrastructure contains a process which is transparent, measurable, manageable and therefore predictable. You are in charge of your software development, not your supplier.

Info Support has successfully implemented this process in practice at a number of government organizations.
Info Support’s Government Software Development Infrastructure supports various software development methods, including waterfall, agile and Scrum. It also provides support for making the transition from, for instance, waterfall to an agile approach.

Info Support emerged to be the best. Not only on the basis of their financial proposal, but certainly also because their plan of approach gave us a lot of confidence. They had really listened to us closely and responded well to our requirements and wishes.

Jan Ploeg, Strategic Information Manager at the VROM Inspectorate


When developing software, it is not only important to have the right resources and processes; ultimately it is the people who make the difference. How do you make sure you have the right people with the right expertise and mentality? How do you bring together the right people to create a high-performance team? It is important to get the most out of people and constantly improve at this as well, whether you are working with your own people or people you have hired in.

A service offered by the Government Software Development Infrastructure makes it possible to perform skills assessments (both technical skills and competence-based skills can be tested). On the basis of this, an independent outline emerges of where people are lacking knowledge and where there is room for improvement. Targeted training courses can help people work on these points for improvement and become certified where necessary. Training and coaching programs are available for all components from Info Support’s Government Software Development Infrastructure.

Reasons to choose Info Support

  • Vertrouwen bij explainable AI

    Agreements are kept

    At Info Support you can rest assured that we will honor our agreements. Because of our size, medium size, we can deliver on that. Our company is of sufficient size to handle large projects, but at the same time small enough for a personal approach and flexibility.

  • Gegarandeerd resultaat bij complexe uitdagingen met Artificial Intelligence

    Guaranteed results for complex challenges

    When the challenge gets really complex, Info Support is the right place to be. It’s no coincidence that companies regularly call on us for help when things get too complicated for others or when projects are at risk of going wrong.

  • Financial solidity

    Info Support has been writing black figures since it was founded in 1986. And that as a non-listed company. We are convinced that this independence is a guarantee of continuity for you.

  • Kennis van uw markt

    Knowledge of your market

    If you see technical solutions as a tool to innovate your business. Technology is never a goal in itself for Info Support. That is why we always look further and immerse ourselves in your industry and specific situation. The result is innovative and industry-specific solutions.

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