Custom software

Software development that is focused on speed and quality. With development either outsourced or hired in, or a combination thereof. Sound too good to be true? You might think so, if you read in the news time and time again how much money has been wasted on failed software projects. Info Support is convinced that there is another way, however.

Uncertainties in software development

  • How do I know for sure I will get what I want, when I want it?
  • What happens to the lead-time and the costs of my development process if my wishes change in the meantime?
  • What impact does the development now have on maintenance & updating later on?
  • How do I know for certain that everything works properly? What approach for testing?
  • What exactly is the status of my development project? How much longer is it all going to take?

All questions that can cause a lot of uncertainty. We are happy to eliminate that uncertainty.

Info Support’s knowledge in the area of software development and its knowledge about healthcare. This combination means that they offer us a great deal of added value and are much more than just a provider of extra ‘hands’.

Jan-Hein Willemse, director at VECOZO

Do you develop and maintain software yourself?

Info Support develops its own software, but can also help bring your own software development team to a higher level.

  • Our Endeavour development infrastructure offers your team a way of working that ensures a transparent process and control of development.
  • With our Hosted Development solution, we offer you a flexible and cost-saving cloud-based development environment.


A professional approach to software development extends the life cycle of the application.

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