About Us

At Info Support, we are results-driven and are committed to bringing business-critical IT projects to a successful conclusion. We enter into a long-term relationship with our customers in which we are proud to take control of the IT project. With an Agile working method and software craftsmanship, our professionals ensure that the full potential of your IT landscape is utilized and it is ready for the future.

Our core values

  • At Info Support, solid stands for durable, solid and reliable. This means that we value long-term relationships and structural, high-quality solutions.
  • As a family business, Info Support has been in the black since it was founded in 1986. We are convinced that this independence is a guarantee of continuity for you, so in us, you will find a partner with a solid foundation on which you can build.
  • We deal with you openly and honestly. We do this because in our view this leads to the best cooperation and therefore results. This means that we honestly advise you what is the best solution in your situation.
  • We always keep our agreements. No unexpected surprises, but the knowledge that we are there for you.
  • The quality of your IT projects depends on the people who carry them out. That is why Info Support continuously invests in knowledge. Technical knowledge, but also practical knowledge. Logical, because technology is never an end in itself. We always look further and immerse ourselves in your market and specific situation. With innovative and market-oriented solutions as a result.
  • We consider investment in new technologies crucial. Market developments demand this of us, but also because new technologies create opportunities to devise ever more efficient solutions.
  • Our work is also our passion. Our people practice their profession with inexhaustible enthusiasm and constantly want to increase their knowledge. Our people are therefore able to realize the best solutions for you.

Brand values

Our work does not stop at achieving business goals with solid and innovative software solutions. Info Support always wants to ‘move forward’. With colleagues, partners and customers alike. To deliver on this promise, we have defined a number of (brand) values. They show what we stand for and go for. It challenges us to think and act based on these values in everything we do.


We can be recognized by our entrepreneurial ability, the drive to innovate and our focus on results. We are beyond enthusiastic and don’t stop until it is finished. Determined to pursue excellence.


We are confident about our abilities and not afraid to speak up. Biting into a project keeps us critical of the question behind the question. Why are we doing this? How can we do it better? Where others see obstacles, we see opportunities.


We are T-shaped professionals with a broad basic knowledge and build our specialism on that. Expertly, we come up with applicable, practical and efficient solutions.


Together we work toward a common goal. We seek to connect with others, act responsibly and empathize. Sharing knowledge is very important to us and we are always willing to help. Only together do we achieve the best result.


We are resourceful in realizing solutions, daring to be critical of ourselves, colleagues and customers. We always think one step ahead and, inquisitive as we are, do not take on just anything.

Why choose Info Support?


Our IT professionals are further trained – after completing their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in IT – via a top IT traineeship in our own Knowledge Centre. This is how we ensure a high quality of continuous knowledge transfer. Even after this traineeship, knowledge sharing and development as people and professionals are central. The number of certificates we hold together is steadily increasing with an unlimited training budget for every Info Supporter.

Domain knowledge

We have above-average knowledge of the sectors: agriculture, energy, finance, food, ports & logistics, industry, mobility, government, pension, retail, insurance and healthcare. For us, technology is never an end in itself. We always look further and immerse ourselves in our client’s organisation and the sector in which it operates. The result is IT solutions that give you a competitive edge.



Guaranteed results for complex challenges

We are results-driven and go out of our way to bring complex and business-critical IT projects to a successful conclusion and manage the software. In all our services, quality is not just promise, but the core of what we do. With us, quality is not a coincidence, but the result of careful attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to everything we do.


Financial solidity

Info Support has been writing in the black as an unlisted family business since it was founded in 1986. We believe that this independence guarantees continuity and makes us a stable and solid IT partner.

Deal = deal

You can rest assured that we honour our commitments. We are of sufficient size to handle large projects and at the same time small enough for a personal approach and flexible approach.



Our ambition: Info Support Science Park

At Info Support, we take the lead every day. And we want to go further. Our idea? Developing Science Park; a place where IT experts work with companies and students to create tomorrow’s groundbreaking and practical solutions. We have experienced for years that cross-over collaborations are crucial for developing groundbreaking and innovative IT solutions. What is still missing: an inspiring place with enough space to make these collaborations possible. We now have that spot, at a beautiful, central and accessible high visibility location, in mind.

Work at

By continuously innovating together, we help customers and the world move forward significantly. We ask a lot of you, but you also get a lot in return. A career at Info Support guarantees a successful IT career and work on challenging projects.