We are happy to help you tackle complex IT challenges, obviously working closely with you to tailor the software to your specific business needs. Innovation and quality are paramount in all our services.

What we do

From architecture to development to management and training. At Info Support, we are results-driven and go all out to bring business-critical IT projects to a successful conclusion. With Agile working methods and software craftsmanship, our professionals ensure that the full potential of your T-landscape is exploited and it is ready for the future.

IT Strategy & Architecture

Our experts will give you concrete and feasible advice, detailing all the steps your organisation needs to take to bring the IT project to a successful conclusion.

Software Development

Software makes impact. For us, code is a means to a greater end.

Data & AI

We have the knowledge and experience – from the basics to the tougher stuff – to give your organisation an edge in the market.

Managed Services

Applications that are always available, but also secure and up-to-date? We take care of that. And 24/7.


In our own Knowledge Centre, we train IT professionals. Take an individual training course, choose a learning path or a customised Incompany training course.

Successful partnerships