From the Knowledge Center, Info Support provides training programs for IT professionals (website in Dutch) in areas including system development, infrastructure and databases. We guarantee the quality of our training programs by working exclusively with IT professionals with a permanent employment contract with Info Support. Our curriculum includes more than 300 classroom-format, open-schedule training courses that can serve as the basis for many hundreds more custom training programs.

8 reasons to choose Info Support’s Knowledge Center

Info Support’s Knowledge Center believes it is important that you find the training program that is the right fit for your situation. That is why we are happy to give you personal advice if you need it. But there are more reasons to choose Info Support’s Knowledge Center:

  1. Team of certified instructors with knowledge of teaching as well as practical experience.
  2. Various forms of customization, both for the organization and the individual.
  3. Attention to the needs underlying the request for training.
  4. The possibility of being kept up-to-date and staying in contact via blogsite and newsletter.
  5. Is an LPI-accredited learning provider.
  6. Multiple centrally-located locations; free taxi service.
  7. Partnerships: Silver Learning Microsoft, Gold Oracle, Ivar Jacobsson, NL-JUG and IBM, among others.

More information on  the training website (in Dutch)

You could see that in addition to his theoretical knowledge, the instructor also brought with him a great deal of practical experience. I can definitely recommend Info Support, not only because of the training programs, but also for its other qualities.

Harold Melssen, Manager Cash at ING Nederland

Interaction between theory and practice

Our Knowledge Center is a firm foundation where knowledge is transferred to both our own employees and IT professionals from other organizations. Not just theory, but also the experience we acquire in practice, ‘in the field’, feeds this source of knowledge from the inside out.


It is precisely the interaction between theory and practice that makes Info Support unique and distinguishes us from other providers of IT training programs and IT service providers.

Develop your knowledge and skills at Info Support’s Knowledge Center.

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