The IT specialist in mission-critical custom software

From architecture, development to management and training. With a results-driven focus, we develop and manage your business-critical IT systems. With a proven approach, our experts ensure that the full potential of your IT landscape is utilized. This ensures you are ready for the future.


We enjoy helping you tackle complex IT challenges, obviously working closely with you to match the software to your specific business needs. Innovation and quality are paramount in all of our services.

IT Strategy & Architecture

Concrete and feasible advice to successfully complete your IT project and then manage it (or have it managed) efficiently and securely.

Software Development

For us, code is a means to a greater end. For every customer request, we find the right technology.

Data & AI

We have the knowledge – from the basics to the tougher stuff – to give your organization an edge in the marketplace.

Managed Services

Applications that are always available, but also secure and up-to-date? We take care of that. And we do so 24/7.


In our own Knowledge Center, we train IT professionals. Take one of 200 training courses, choose a learning path or an in-person training.

Successful collaborations


About Info Support

From our beginnings in 1986, we have grown on our own from a one-man company to a family-owned business with more than 500 employees. And still the mission is to help organizations achieve their business goals with solid and innovative software solutions. The focus is on one thing: delivering added value for our clients. Info Support’s core values are solidity, integrity, professionalism and passion.

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By continuously innovating together, we help customers and the world move forward significantly. We ask a lot of you, but you also get a lot in return. A career at Info Support guarantees a successful IT career and work on challenging projects.