Health Insurer ONVZ Extracts Maximum Value from Data with Managed Data Platform

It goes without saying that a health insurer like ONVZ benefits from a system to build modern and reliable data solutions. With data from thousands of policyholders and a stream of claims, you can rightly call ONVZ a data-driven organization, where governance & compliance is paramount.



Processing large amounts of data and extracting more value from it.

Target Audience

ONVZ’s data analysts.


A Managed Data Platform which can be used by ONVZ’s data analysts and managed and monitored by Info Support.

A new managed data platform

Health insurer ONVZ wants to extract more value from all that data. Info Support helps with this and has rolled out a fully managed data platform on which data solutions can be built. These include creating reports, implementing business intelligence solutions and performing analysis using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Michel Damen, domain architect at ONVZ, expects the use of a data platform hosted on Microsoft Azure to lead to more streamlined processes than is currently the case.

Managed by Info Support

The biggest challenge for Info Support was to roll out a standard platform at ONVZ that could be managed and monitored from Veenendaal, where Info Support’s office is located. Technical challenges are always lurking, especially when collaborating with other parties. In this case, we need to coordinate with a party that does network management.

After all, such a data platform lands on a landing zone. This provides the necessary network facilities to access the various data sources. Think of it as a big power strip where you have to put each plug into the right socket. How do you get the permissions to access everything you need to access?

So services that are deployed and managed by Info Support need to be linked to services that other parties manage, so that they fit together. And if something breaks in the connection, which party will fix it? This sort of thing has to be coordinated, and it takes a lot of time. Not out of unwillingness of any of the parties involved, but because it all has to be arranged in detail.

A lot of data is still in silos, so not everyone has easy access to it. Once the data platform is fully populated, we should be able to make real strides. Think about building dashboards more efficiently and scaling up faster when processing large amounts of data. Plus, with a data platform, you're much better able to make predictions, which helps your competitive position.
Michel Damen, Domain Architect at ONVZ

Technological developments are rapidly emerging

The platform has now been rolled out and is being used by ONVZ, but the technology behind it never stands still. New updates, tools and capabilities are rapidly emerging. Sometimes they are tools that offer more possibilities or reduce costs. Info Support monitors all of this. For example, if a tool is not being used that you are paying for. At ONVZ, Info Support also found one: a message broker in the integration platform that was not being used. Turning it off again saved in costs.

Now that the Managed Data Platform is ready for use, ONVZ can get to work filling the platform. Then it is up to the data analysts to actually take advantage of the new features. Data solutions should be able to go into production faster. In this way, ONVZ can gain insight into data faster, and quality control can increase, partly because scaling up and down of capacity can now be done faster.

Meanwhile, Info Support will continue to support the application team for some time and the teams working with it will be coached. Eventually, Info Support will gradually take on a more restrained role. Even though management ultimately remains in the hands of Info Support, it is a managed service for a reason.