Open Source

Open source stands for developing high-quality independent software together. We collaborate, maintain and invest in various open source projects because we believe it is important for the development of our field. The open source community ensures the worldwide availability of software that can be improved by any passionate developer. This has a real impact on the world around us.

Our active contributions to the open source community


Stryker is a polygloth mutation testing framework. Mutation testing is a technique for measuring the effectiveness of your tests. After all, measurement is the only way to know for sure. Stryker’s focus is to make mutation testing available to every developer through good performance. It now supports C#, Scala, JavaScript and TypeScript.

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Apache Maven is an Apache Software Foundation top-level project started in 2004. It is a build automation tool used primarily for Java projects. It makes the build process simple by describing it in a uniform way. This way, builds are uniform on different platforms and systems.

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Within Info Support, we are increasingly using Cloud Native Development, such as the use of Docker, Kubernetes and Helm.

Besides Cloud Native Development, we value quality.

Our newest addition to the Open Source community is a tool that combines both strengths.

Helm-unittest is a tool that makes it possible to unit test Kubernetes resources from a Helm-chart. Yep you read it right, testing resources without using the entire infrastructure.

Using Helm-unittest, you can easily, consistently and robustly validate whether a Helm-chart is generating the correct Kubernetes resources.

Creating Helm-unittest is entirely based on Yaml, so you don’t need to learn a new language, since Helm-charts and Kubernetes resources also use Yaml. In addition, Helm-unittest is built as a Helm plugin, so you don’t need more than an installation of Helm, in which Helm-unittest can be added as a plugin.

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If you are interested in participating in this in addition to using it, please send a message to:

The open source projects we sponsor financially


An assertion framework for .NET. Best practice from our guidance framework is used a lot in our .NET projects. In addition, this project has a Dutch maintainer.

>> More about FluentAssertions


A tool that allows you to retrieve information about .NET solutions. Not often used, but if you need this functionality you often cannot avoid this tool. Indispensable for Stryker.NET.

>> More about Buildalyzer


Info Support is an advocate of Behavior Driven Development as an additional way to increase collaboration between developers, testers & users and deliver the right software.

For years, Specflow was the defacto standard tool for these purposes within the .NET ecosystem, but Specflow is no longer actively supported. So the original author set up the Reqnroll fork. He and the ocommunity are very active in making it up-to-date and usable. They could really use our support.

>> More about Reqnroll  

Josh Goldberg

Josh is a full time open source contributor. His main source of income is donations. He is mostly active in the JavaScript ecosystem and maintains important projects there, such as typescript-eslint and mocha. He is also a streamer on twitch and speaks at many conferences.

He is also friends with the Stryker team. He makes direct contributions to StrykerJS, regularly names StrykerJS on his stream and sometimes speaks about mutation testing with Stryker at conferences. Finally, he also shares our passion for emojis. In short, someone we are happy to sponsor.


A multi-platform (Unix) developer tool to easily manage JVM Software Development Kits. It provides increased developer experience and productivity by seamlessly switching between different versions of JDKs and SDKs.

The open source projects we sponsored financially


A widely used tool in almost all our frontend projects (often again a dependency of Angular / React / Vue / etc). In addition, is also decisive for StrykerJS; without Babel no StrykerJS.

>> More about Babel

Azure Devops Replace tokens

A relatively small but indispensable task in almost all Azure devops pipelines. It is therefore also widely used in PDC CICD.

>> More about Replace Tokens task


The defacto test tool for Java projects and is therefore widely used in our Java projects. In addition, they have also put an API in the world for unit test frameworks.

>> More about JUnit


KeePass is a free open-source password manager. Passwords can be stored in an encrypted database, which can be unlocked with a single master key.

>> More about KeePass


AKHQ allows your teams to search and explore data in an integrated console, while also supporting its administration and integration within your ecosystem.

>> More about AKHQ


Vitest provides tools and resources for software application testing. It includes features such as API testing, user interface testing and test data generation.

>> More about Vitest

Room for open source

At Info Support, we give our people space to work on open source projects during working hours. We also regularly organize hackathons and other fun initiatives to contribute to these projects. In addition, we make sure that our open source projects get a lot of exposure, in part through marketing. And our engineers get help when it comes to licensing, intellectual property and other legal issues.