Info Support praises the Java ecosystem for its modern and powerful languages such as Java and Kotlin, proven stability in production environments, its open nature that limits dependence on a single vendor, and the support of a vibrant community that contributes to numerous open source projects. These aspects make the Java ecosystem a versatile, reliable and innovative platform suitable for successful technology solutions.

Authority in the area of Java

Info Support is internationally recognized as an authority on Java. Our experts contribute to the global Java community in a variety of ways, including sharing their knowledge. Whether writing trade publications, participating in open source projects, or presenting at leading Java conferences, Info Support affirms its leadership and expertise in Java.

We provide high-quality Java development teams that specialize in both development and management of mission-critical Java applications. We combine technical expertise with a strong focus on craftsmanship and work proactively with our clients to deliver sustainable solutions.

Craftsmanship: Java Champions, the Oracle ACE Associate Award and Oracle ACE Pro

Java Champions

At Info Support, we are extremely proud of our colleagues Tom Cools, Maarten Mulders en Hanno Embregts, who have been recognized as Java Champions. This title is an international recognition for their exceptional contributions and leadership within the Java community. Their in-depth knowledge and dedication not only have an enriching impact on our organization, but also contribute significantly to the growth and success of the global Java community. The Java Champions program, to which they belong, includes a select group of skilled Java professionals and community leaders, known for their diverse expertise and ability to move the Java community forward

Oracle ACE Associate Award

Hanno Embregts has been presented with the Oracle ACE Associate Award in 2023. With this title, Oracle recognizes experts in innovative developments.

Oracle ACE Pro

In addition, Maarten Mulders was also named Oracle ACE Pro for his active contribution to the Java community. Knowledge sharing is central to this. The title is awarded once a year for a period of one year. The appointment in turn gives experts earlier access to the latest technologies that they can apply in their field.