About the Meetup

On February 25th Info Support and AWS User Group NL organize the first Meetup in the series ‘Retail 2030’. During this session, guest speakers from Wehkamp and Picnic, among others, talk about the possibilities of Cloud Technology and how the retail sector can successfully use AWS to improve their business.


17.30 – 18.15

Registration / Food / Drinks

18.15 – 18.20


18.20 – 19.05

Harm Weites (Lead Architect at Wehkamp) – The joy of product onboarding

19:05- 19.15


19.15 – 20.00

Cornell Knulst (Principal Consultant at Info Support) – Building the future of retail with AWS

20.00- 20.10


20.10 – 20.55

Sander Mak (Director of Technology at Picnic) – Scaling the Modern Milkman in the Cloud


Drinks, Networking & Fun


  • Picnic: Scaling the Modern Milkman in the Cloud

    What does it take to run an online grocery store at scale? A lot of cloud, it turns out! Join Sander to hear about Picnic's journey from small start-up to scaling up to millions of orders across multiple countries. You'll learn how and why we build our systems on AWS, and what we learned along the way.

  • Wehkamp: The joy of product onboarding

    At Wehkamp we sell a pretty large array of products. Adding these to our catalog falls in a category of processes every enterprise likely has: old, slow and just impossible to work with. We sought to change all that and pivot product onboarding into a key business enabler and transformer. Do you want to know how? A lot of data, machine learning and AWS!

  • Info Support: Building the future of retail with AWS

    In this session we’ll make a lap around important E-Commerce functionalities like recommendations, forecasting and customer engagement. We discover how the AWS platform can be leveraged to build the future of retail. What does it take to build a complete e-commerce platform in just 45 minutes?

More information

Date: 25th February 2020

Location: Info Support HQ, Kruisboog 42, Veenendaal

Food: sponsored by Info Support.

Parking: enough parking space at the location


  • Transportation included from Veenendaal-De Klomp towards Info Support HQ at 17:20 and 17:50*.
  • Transportation included from Info Support HQ towards Veenendaal-De Klomp at 21:00 and 21:20*.

* Want to make use of this transportation? Please contact cornell.knulst@infosupport.com so that we know how much seats we have to reserve.