Continuous Delivery

Today’s business processes increasingly require 24/7 interaction with the market and rapid responses to new developments. This puts a great deal of pressure on the software development process when it comes to flexibility, speed of completion, quality and costs. With Continuous Delivery, Info Support provides an advanced development method which allows software to be delivered continuously in small manageable pieces that can be immediately tested and put into production.

Put new ideas into production quickly

Cloud technology, the 24-hour economy and service provision via portals and apps. Just a few developments that set the standard for the modern way of doing business. Developments which also underscore how important it is to have IT systems that function well. With Continuous Delivery, you add flexibility, speed and efficiency to your software development process.

Continuous Delivery is based on an iterative process in which small pieces of software go through the various steps of the production process via a short cycle. The important advantage of this approach is that any errors are detected immediately and users see their feedback and new ideas implemented quickly.

Within two months, we had the first working version built. After the initial positive evaluation, we continuously added new elements to it. The inclusion of a new SOP is also an expansion of the store. Think of it as the immediate roll-out of a new release.

Herman Mansveld, program mamanager at ABN AMRO

Continuous Delivery: small pieces of software go through the production process via a short cycle